Who We Are

Franciscan Mission Associates, now in its 63rd year of service to the missions of the world, is a spiritually based mission-helping organization with world-wide undertakings. It promotes information about and interest in the missionaries and their people – particularly in the Franciscan Missions of Central America, but also in the inner cities of the United States and Canada.

PURPOSE: The goals of Franciscan Mission Associates are to help explain the work of the missions; to encourage prayer, support, and vocations for God’s work; and to bring spiritual benefits to its members. It fosters prayers and good works among its members through regular monthly contacts. All funds are distributed through the office of the provincial and his board of directors.

PROGRAMS: Regular support is provided to the Franciscan missionaries and the people they serve in the mountains and villages of El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras – as well as throughout the world. Some of our projects: rebuilding homes destroyed by earthquakes and floods, building and operation of chapels, schools, homes for the elderly, food programs, primary medical care, ambulance services, soup kitchens, scholarship programs for needy children, housing for homeless families, eye clinics, nutrition and health programs, vocational training programs, employment programs. Also, FMA provides financial support for the education and formation of future Franciscans both in the United States and abroad (especially in Central America). It also provides for the care and support of elderly and retired friars.

PUBLICATION: A quarterly spiritual and mission magazine, FMA FOCUS, is mailed, free of charge, to anyone who requests information. It promotes the spiritual life of recipients while it helps inform them of the activities of the Friars and Sisters mission work in the world.

FINANCIAL DATA: An annual report is presented to the Board of Directors who also approve the budget and oversee our operating expenses.  A separate Accountability Report for our benefactors is also prepared annually.

TAX STATUS: Franciscan Mission Associates is incorporated as a tax-exempt organization under the laws of the State of New York. Contributions are deductible to the full extent allowed by federal and state laws. (EIN: 13-1982783)

GIFT OPPORTUNITIES: Support for the work of Franciscan Missions through Franciscan Mission Associates may be provided by gifts, bequests, life insurance, wills and trusts.

PROVINCIAL: Father Robert M. Campagna, O.F.M., Provincial Minister, Province of the Immaculate Conception, New York, New York.