Franciscan Missions in Central America

The Franciscan Missions in Central America depend on you more than you realize. Our friar Missionaries depend on you for your spiritual and material support to carry on the mission task. By word and sacrament as well as by their example in care of the poor and afflicted, our friars are God’s representatives and yours.

Hope and the Youth

Central America is vibrant with life. It’s a place abounding in the vitality that youth gives. Daily existence on the Franciscan Missions is often a struggle to survive, to get enough to eat, to learn, to find a job, and to make life human and livable. Young people face the challenge, and remain full of hope for better days. Our Franciscan friars assist them as they can to meet the demanding task as joyous, unselfish Christians.

The Future is Bright

While the Franciscan Missionaries care for the sick, the infirm, and the poor, their major effort is training the youths in whose hands the future lies. Many young men and women in Central America are choosing the priesthood and the religious life as a way of service to God and neighbor. Our friars look forward to the not too distant future when Central America’s own sons and daughters can take over mission responsibility.

Please Care Enough

All this is a reality only because you care. Your sacrifices have made it possible for the friars to begin, and to carry on at a critical moment in Latin American history. With your continued help the good work prospers, and grows. More than ever our Franciscan Missionaries rely under God on you for the means to carry on.

Please care and continue to care enough to keep your Franciscan Missionaries working effectively in our Central American missions.