Let us pray for your needs and intentions – you and your members of your family, both living and deceased, will be remembered in the novenas celebrated for your intentions and in the masses offered each day for you.

Our Current Novena

June 2017


O gentle and loving St. Anthony, whose heart was ever full of human sympathy, whisper my petition into the ears of the sweet infant Jesus, who loved to be held in your arms.

Dear Friend,

What ever became of peace, love and joy? All too often it seems like these precious gifts have disappeared forever from our troubled world – and even sometimes from our lives. And how we long to have them back!

That’s just the time to ask our St. Anthony of Padua for help. When our best efforts seem to fail, and our strongest faith falls short, we can petition our gentle saint of lost causes, and he will respond.

But for Jesus Himself, no more passionate champion of the poor and oppressed ever walked the earth. No greater teacher ever preached to the misguided and the seeking. And Anthony’s love for all children who walk the earth has never been surpassed.

Here at our Franciscan Mission Offices, our friars are preparing for our summer Novenas of prayer to St. Anthony, and we joyfully invite you to join us.

The Masses for the Novena of Petition will be celebrated from August 2 to August 10, and the Novena of Thanksgiving will follow from August 11 to August 19. The Masses will be celebrated at the beautiful Basilica of St. Anthony in Padua, Italy.

Perhaps you will ask St. Anthony for relief for our nation’s lost and troubled children … or you’ll pray for an end to world conflict…or seek comfort for a grieving neighbor who has lost a dear one or a friend. As many have done, you may also pray that a precious treasure be restored to you or a loved one.

Rest assured, St. Anthony hears your every prayer, and responds with an outpouring of compassion, love and intercessory power. And as St. Anthony responds to your petitions, we pray you will respond to ours by sending a gift to support the work of our Franciscan friars among the poor, the hungry and the oppressed at home and abroad.

Your helping gift will follow in the blessed tradition of St. Anthony himself, for as you model yourself after his faith-in-action example, great riches of faith and love will come flowing back to you.

All of our Franciscan friars look forward to presenting your personal intentions to our beloved St. Anthony of Padua in our upcoming Novenas of Masses and prayer.

You may also wish to thank St. Anthony by sending a small gift to St. Anthony’s Bread, a wonderful way to honor our compassionate saint by serving the poor and the needy, whom he loved beyond measure.

Thank you for your faithful friendship, and may God’s abundant blessings through St. Anthony of Padua come to you and those you love.

Your friend in St. Anthony,


Fr. Robert, O.F.M.

P.S. Send your intentions today to be remembered in the Novenas of Masses to St. Anthony to be celebrated at the beautiful Basilica of St. Anthony in Padua, Italy, where Anthony made his home after he started preaching and where he died. We await your petitions with greatest joy.