Let us pray for your needs and intentions – you and members of your family, both living and deceased, will be remembered in the Novenas celebrated for your intentions and in the masses offered each day for you.

Our Current Novena

March 2019


Mission Emergency
You Can Save Lives! Act Now!

Dear Friend,

This past year, the cries for help from our missions came faster and louder than any I can remember. But none tear at my heart like those from the poor and the sick.

Vulnerable children and the aged are suffering from terrible diseases seldom heard of in our own country. Yet, many could be cured, and their lives saved, with proper medical attention. But severe shortages of medicine often defeat our Friars’ best efforts in their clinics and mission aid stations…and our funds are stretched to the limit!

Penicillin, antibiotics, vitamins, and surgical and medical supplies of all kinds are desperately needed to curb and treat infections, tropical diseases, leprosy and other dreaded afflictions that threaten lives in our Mission lands.

lt is heartbreaking for our Franciscan Friars to stand by and watch helplessly as innocent children and frail older people suffer and sometimes die. But what can they do when they lack needed medical supplies?

They can only pray that you too will also hear the cries of the afflicted and come to their aid. Won’t you please give what you can today? Any gift, be it $50, $25 or $15, can help save a life!

Your gift will also do much more than heal their poor bodies. Your caring will do infinite good to both body and soul. It will let them know that God, through you, is watching over them and hearing their prayers.

And God hears your prayers as well. Please send me your own personal intentions to be remembered in two special Easter Novenas celebrated by the Franciscans.

The Easter Novenas will be celebrated from April 9 to April 17, and In Thanksgiving to the Risen Christ from April 21 to April 29 at the Holy Sepulchre Church in Jerusalem, where Jesus was buried.

As we rejoice together during this most holy time, I ask you to please prayerfully share what you are able. Our Holy Father urges us, “We must make haste; too many are suffering.” So please join us in helping those in desperate need.

Thank you for your friendship and support, and please let me hear from you soon.

May God bless you,


Fr. Robert, O.F.M.

P.S. Please remember to send your intentions and any gift you can, to be included in the Easter Novena of Masses from April 9 to April 17, and In Thanksgiving to the Risen Christ from April 21 to April 29.