Let us pray for your needs and intentions – you and members of your family, both living and deceased, will be remembered in the Novenas celebrated for your intentions and in the masses offered each day for you.

Our Current Novena


The virgin shall be with child and give birth to a son and they shall call him Emmanuel,
a name which means ‘God is with us.’
-Matthew 1:23

November 2018

Dear Friend,

In my 41 years as a priest, I’ve been blessed to perform many christenings – and every one reminds me of that first “christening” – the day our Savior, Jesus Christ was born.

As the worshipers at that divine birth did so long ago, we gather round a newborn child in love, wonder and praise. We are filled with the knowledge that God is with us, and our hearts are deeply moved.

Just so, we will soon gather round in love, gratitude and prayer in a joyful Christmas Novena of Masses from December 16 to December 24, the eve of our Saviors birth. I pray you will join us and quickly send your personal petitions and intentions.

Together we will offer them to Jesus Christ – prayers for loved ones in trouble, lost children, injured and suffering friends, the sick and the elderly – for newborns like our Infant Savior himself, whose parents can find no room in the inns of our world.

What a wondrous and powerful spiritual journey this is! – as wondrous as the joyful journey of the wise men and all who came to Bethlehem and were bathed in the divine light of the holy child.

And here is a way to make that journey of faith last the whole year long – include a Christmas offering of $15, $20, $50, or whatever you are moved to give, to bring that divine light to the many we serve in our missions here at home, and in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.

Together we will bring the joyful news that God is with us to the impoverished and the elderly, to families courageously battling malnutrition and illness, to villages ravaged by famine and flood.

We will provide lifesaving medicines and build simple houses. We will minister to orphans and the injured and discouraged. We will extend the circle of divine light to all who stand in the shadows of hunger, poverty and oppression.

And here is a way to broaden that circle of light to friends and loved ones – Use our Mass Enrollment cards to give them the blessings of year-long prayer. What a wonderful Christmas present this is!

Even as I write, our Franciscan mission fathers are christening the beautiful babies born to our Central American mothers and fathers – the children who will carry the shining light of our Savior’s presence in their hearts their whole lives long.

Thank you, dear friend, and may Christmas bring the bountiful blessings of our Savior to you and those you love, and peace to our troubled earth.

In His Service,


Fr. Robert, O.F.M.

P.S. As the wise men brought gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh to the Infant Savior, so your gifts of prayer, thanksgiving and offering honor Him as together we do his good work on earth.