Let us pray for your needs and intentions – you and members of your family, both living and deceased, will be remembered in the Novenas celebrated for your intentions and in the masses offered each day for you.

Our Current Novena


January 2019

“Go drink and wash in the fountain …”

Dear Friend,

Every day, God comes to tell us that He loves us. He is there in our darkest, coldest hours bringing light, comfort and reassurance that even in the midst of grief, loss and pain, all will be well.

Sometimes I think that’s why He sent our Holy Mother to Lourdes – to show that He will be there for us, no matter what. Young, beautiful and bathed in light, our Blessed Mary stood in that dank and forsaken grotto and spoke to the hungry, weary little girl.

“Go drink and wash in the fountain,” she told the amazed child, and miraculously, with just a scratch in the hard dirt, the cleansing, life-giving waters of Lourdes began to flow.

You and I make that same ‘scratch’ when we pray and put our faith into action in even the smallest ways. And the result is always the cool, refreshing presence of our Savior, from whom flows all the strength and courage we might ever need in our lives.

I am pleased to invite you to join us in two Novenas of Masses to honor Our Lady of Lourdes, our beloved Mary who mothers each of us as faithfully as she did her own divine Son.

The Novena of Petition will be celebrated from February 2 to 10; The Novena of Thanksgiving will be offered from February 11 – – the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes – – to February 19.

We will offer our prayers on behalf of our own loved ones and friends. Simply send me your personal needs and intentions as soon as you can.

Just as God comes to join us wherever we are, you and I serve His needy people wherever they are — in the remote mountain villages of Guatemala, of Honduras and El Salvador, wherever there is illness, deprivation and despair.

Your offering will bring the love of Our Lady of Lourdes to families for whom every day is a struggle to survive. It will help provide food, medicine, and warm clothing for the orphaned and the elderly. It will bring the uplifting words of our Savior to those who hope and pray that we will come.

And the light of your own love and faith will radiate through the hands and hearts of our Franciscan Mission priests and brothers as they toil among those we are called to serve.

May our Blessed Mother hear your Novena prayers wherever you may be, and whatever your needs. And may the joy of doing God’s Good Work on earth brighten all of your days.

We look forward to receiving your offering and intentions and may God bless you for all you do.

In His Loving Service,


Fr. Robert, O.F.M.

P.S. Our gratitude for your help and prayers. And we are happy to light candles in the Grotto at Lourdes for the special intentions of our faithful friends.

Thank you. We hold you always in our prayers.