Let us pray for your needs and intentions – you and your members of your family, both living and deceased, will be remembered in the novenas celebrated for your intentions and in the masses offered each day for you.

Our Current Novena

October 2017

Death can never break the bonds of love in Christ. We remain connected to our loved ones for eternity.


“Those who accept His offer of salvation are set free from sin, sorrow, inner emptiness and loneliness.”  – Pope Francis, Evangelii Gaudium, 2013

Dear Friend,

They say that “time heals all wounds.” But when it comes to the loss of our loved ones, healing is never so simple. Time may lessen the shock of a loss, but pain and sorrow often remain. Sometimes grief can overwhelm us long after the fact- maybe on a birthday or anniversary, upon seeing a photo or special object, or hearing a loved one’s favorite melody.

It is perfectly normal to continue feeling sad that our dearest departed are no longer with us. After all, our love for them is powerful and timeless. And this is where our hope lies.

Remember, through Christ’s victory on the cross, love is stronger than death! Though the departed are no longer physically present, their love for you endures. Be assured that by the grace of God, we remain connected to our nearest and dearest for eternity.

The Franciscans will remember your deceased loved ones at Mass on All Souls’ Day, November 2, and throughout our Novena for the Holy Souls, November 21-29. Please send me your intentions and our friars will be glad to pray for them.

All Souls’ Day calls the faithful to be united in spirit, as we console one another in our grief and pray for the departed. We will ask God to stretch forth his loving arms, welcoming the dead into a blissful union with Him where they will know eternal peace. Please join along with our friars in remembering your departed, and all the holy souls struggling to be purified on their way to heaven.

Even though we cannot see the deceased with our own eyes, we remain connected to them, and pray that their suffering ceases as they journey home swiftly to the Lord. Similarly, we are also connected to the many who suffer around the world today-men, women and children whom we don’t see right in front of us, but who need our faithful support. Both the dead and the living who are suffering, benefit greatly from your prayers and your good works.

As Franciscans, our friars give up all our material possessions in order to share Jesus’ love with the world. We seek out opportunities where we can make the greatest difference in His name, with the help of friends like you. When we see children going hungry in Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador as well as cities in the U.S., we know it is time to take action – and to implore the faithful to join with us in sharing the Good News.

Your generosity saves lives in the missions by providing food, shelter, education, health care and other basic needs. Most of all, we are grateful for the hope that you give others whose very survival depends on our friendship in Christ. Through your support, you send the very same message St. Francis of Assisi sent: that every person in need is a child of God, fully deserving of His love. What a blessing this is!

With global poverty on the rise, our mission work is critically important right now. Even basic nutrition and clean water are becoming scarcer in some regions. Won’t you please reach out to those we serve around the world, who are crying out for our help?

Your gift for Franciscan Missions in honor of a deceased loved one would be a beautiful tribute and sign of your faith. Also, consider sponsoring a weekly vigil candle for your deceased, which we will keep lit throughout the month of November/Novena for the Holy Souls.

Any contribution, large or small, will allow us to help the people in our missions who have so little. It is the combined efforts of individuals like you that add up to make a very powerful difference. The same is true of your prayers for our friars and for the people we serve.

Thank you for your compassion, faith, and kind support. Please be comforted knowing that our friars will be in prayer for your loved ones, living and deceased. May God bless you

Yours in St. Francis,


Fr. Robert, O.F.M.

P.S. Please send us the names of your deceased for remembrance, so we can include them at Mass on All Souls’ Day and during our Novena for the Holy Souls. Thank you and God bless!