FMA Focus Newsletter

A quarterly spiritual and mission magazine, FMA Focus is mailed free of charge to anyone who requests information. It promotes the spiritual life of recipients while it helps inform them of the activities of the Friars and Sisters mission work in the world.

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February 2023 – Vol. 56, No. 3

In this issue:

  • Virtue: Humility
  • Preparing for Lent with a spiritual renewal – healthy mind, body and soul
  • Mother Mary – The Nurturing Saint in the Kitchen
  • St. Cyril and Methodius –  Apostles to the Slavs
  • Accepting God’s Word from His priest
  • A Theologian Who Evangelized St. Anthony
  • Director’s  Letter
  • Visiting Valley of the Angels in Guatemala
  • Table Talk
  • Words Worth Noting
  • Our Readers gladly write…
  • Easter – Life after the empty tomb
  • A Gift of Self – The Greatest Gift
  • Pray for the victims of Cancer (St. Peregrine)
  • FMA Spiritual Exercises – Lent-Easter 2023

November 2022 – Vol. 56, No. 2

In this issue:

  • Virtue: Discernment
  • Spiritual support during Christmas season
  • The Christmas Crib In Your Heart
  • Vocations
  • Love For Mary – A Devotion For Adults
  • He Has Kept His Promise; We Should Too
  • Mother Cabrini: A Model Of Charity
  • Director’s  Letter
  • Honduras: Learning to Smile
  • Life Lessons And Opportunities At Valley Of The Angels
  • Words Worth Noting
  • Our Readers Gladly Write…
  • Feasts Of The Christmas Days
  • Listening – A Pure Path To Faith
  • Advent – A Time To Slow Down And Hear The Word Of God
  • Special Novena Schedule Advent-Christmas 2022

September 2022 – Vol. 56, No. 1

In this issue:

  • Virtue: Faith
  • Mary, Our Example Of A Woman Of Faith
  • Accepting God’s Will With Faith (St. Francis)
  • Vocations
  • Angels As Our Guardians – Throughout Time
  • The Ordinary Sundays – Where Do They Fit?
  • Seeing Christ In Another (St. Anthony)
  • Director’s Letter
  • Safety And Sneakers
  • A Young Artist And A Young Cook For Francis
  • Words Worth Noting
  • Our Readers Gladly Write…
  • Why Everyone Is Not Perfect (St. Dymphna)
  • Small Acts With Big Intentions – Saint Teresa Of Calcutta
  • Renewal – An Autumn Meditation
  • Special Novena Schedule Fall 2022

June 2022 – Vol. 55, No. 4

In this issue:

  • Virtue: Poverty
  • The Obligation To Share The Faith – To Evangelize
  • Humility And The Spirit Of God (St. Francis)
  • Celebration For The Great Saints
  • Do You Think We Are A Lot Like The New Christians?
  • Our Help To A Good Confession (St. Anthony)
  • Director’s Letter
  • A Home Of Love
  • The Faces Of The Blessed Mother And Christ On A Consecrated Host
  • Words Worth Noting
  • Our Readers Gladly Write…
  • Active Listening – Try It With The Lord
  • Nothing Is Impossible With God (St. Jude)
  • The Shrines Of The Summertime
  • Special Novena Schedule Summer 2022

February Focus 2022 – Vol 55, No. 3

In this issue:

  • Virtue: Chastity
  • Blessed Are The Pure Of Heart
  • St. Francis And Custody Of The Senses
  • Mother Mary At The Beginning And The End
  • Hope In Him Who Died For You
  • Sharing Your Love Of St. Anthony
  • Director’s Letter
  • The Way Of The Cross: A Short History
  • No Greater Gift
  • Words Worth Noting
  • Our Readers Gladly Write…
  • What You Can Do For Others (St. Peregrine)
  • Examining Your Conscience – Preparing For Confession
  • Easter – The Fulfillment Of The Promise
  • FMA Spiritual Exercises – Lent-Easter 2022