FMA Focus Newsletter

A quarterly spiritual and mission magazine, FMA Focus is mailed free of charge to anyone who requests information. It promotes the spiritual life of recipients while it helps inform them of the activities of the Friars and Sisters mission work in the world.

September 2020 – Vol 54, No. 1

In this issue:

  • Virtue: Wisdom
  • Understanding God’s Gifts… Even When They Come With Suffering
  • The Stigmata – God’s Strange Gift
  • The Beauty Of St. Francis’s Ode To Simplicity
  • Can I Ask God For That
  • Listening To God’s Voice In Prayer
  • Director’s Letter
  • Love Knows No “Time Out”
  • Labors Of Love During A Worldwide Crisis
  • Words Worth Noting
  • Our Readers Gladly Write…
  • St. Anthony Help Me Find The Way
  • Spiritual Communion – God’s Gift In A Time Of Crisis
  • Chaplet To St. Michael
  • Special Novena Schedule Fall 2020
  • The Power of Prayer

June 2020 – Vol. 53, No. 4

In this issue:

  • Virtue: Reconciliation
  • Penance And Reconciliation The Message Of Salvation
  • Padua And How St. Anthony Changed It
  • Untold Riches Hidden In Just One Book
  • Accepting Our State Of Life: Reconciliation
  • Educating The Young Is The Road To Peace
  • Director’s Letter
  • Agape: Love That Provides Hope
  • Learning How To Love
  • Words Worth Noting
  • Our Readers Gladly Write…
  • St. Francis – The Canticle Of The Sun
  • Accepting God’s Will For Another
  • The Beauty And Glory Of The Feast Of Corpus Christi
  • Special Novena Schedule Summer 2020

February 2020 – Vol. 53, No. 3

In this issue:

  • Virtue: Inner Peace
  • Giving The Kiss Of Peace
  • Following Christ’s Way
  • St. Francis and Peace
  • Music Can Be Prayer Too
  • Solving The Problems of Distraction (St. Anthony)
  • Director’s Letter
  • For The Greater Glory of God
  • Agape Lends Assistance
  • Words Worth Noting
  • Our Readers Gladly Write…
  • Remembering It Is Reconciliation Not Just Confession
  • Refresher On The Triduum
  • New Saints For New Times

November 2019 – Vol. 53, No. 2

In this issue:

  • Virtue: Empathy
  • Francis’s Plea
  • Purgatory Article – St. Gertrude’s Prayer
  • Giving Thanks
  • St. Anthony And Leading By Example
  • St. Monica And The Act Of Never Giving Up
  • Director’s Letter
  • Valley Of The Angels Bids Goodbye To Its Own Personal Angel
  • Christmas Greetings And Love From Agape
  • Words Worth Noting
  • Our Readers Gladly Write…
  • Out Of Our Comfort Zones, To Become More Like Christ
  • The Supreme Importance Of Perseverance
  • Giving Of Yourself This Advent Season

September 2019 – Vol. 53, No. 1

In this issue:

  • Virtue: Patience
  • Death’s Positive Aspects
  • Our Missionary Task
  • St. Anthony Teaching Us Still
  • Fall In Love With Church History
  • The Problem With Evil
  • Director’s Letter
  • Call To Serve
  • Outreach To The Homeless For Franciscan Minsistries
  • Words Worth Noting
  • Our Readers Gladly Write….
  • Having A Happy Heart
  • Two Of God’s Saintly Servants
  • Celebrating Our Lady In September