Devotional Saints

Devotions to the Saints play a role in Christianity practically since its inception. Saints may be reverenced; they may never be worshiped. Devotional practices should be to further our love and commitment to our God who alone is to be worshiped.

The Church has a calendar of Saints to whom we pray, asking that they help us in our petitions to the Lord. There is human comfort in asking the Saints, our friends and advocates to join us in prayer for all our needs.

Jesus asked us to “knock and the door will be opened,” He is saying that if we are persistent we will have our need met because of our faith and trust. We ask the Saints to join us in this persistent prayer because they are our friends, just as you would ask a personal friend to pray for you and with you. Is this not intercession? Of course it is, we need one another!

St. Dymphna

St. Dymphna was the Christian daughter of a 7th century pagan king. He murdered her when she refused to enter into an incestuous marriage with him. Patron of the nervous and emotionally ill, she is venerated each year on May 15.


St. Peregrine

St. Peregrine is patron of all who are afflicted with cancer, foot ailments, or any incurable disease. He was a native of Forli in Italy and died in the year 1345 at the age of 85.


St. Jude

St. Jude is celebrated as a patron of hopeless cases, and in things almost despaired of. He is usually pictured with a book or pen because of his epistle in the New Testament. The club indicates his martyr's death and the flame above his head the inspiration and assistance of the Holy Spirit.


St. Anthony

St. Anthony of Padua, a native of Portugal, was born in Lisbon, in the year 1195. When he was 15, he joined the Canon Regular of St. Augustine and remained a monk for ten years.