Franciscan Missionaries

YOUR Helping Hand Can Stretch 1,000 Miles


Franciscan Missionaries meet the poor and afflicted living in hovels with dirt floors and leaking straw roofs each day. They see the sick children, mothers without food, fathers without work and children in rags without strength to pray or learn.


Franciscan Missionaries remembers the words of Vatican Council II, “Wherever there are people in need… wherever men lack facilities for a truly healthy life, or are tormented by hardship or poor health; their Christian charity should seek them out and find them, console them with eager care and relieve them. The obligation is imposed, above all, on every prosperous person and nation.”


Aided greatly by the generosity of our benefactors Franciscan missionaries in our World Missions are doing all they can to give spiritual aid and material help.

Our Holy Father urged us, “We must make haste; too many are suffering.” So please join us in praying for and helping those less fortunate than we are.

Let your heart pity and your hand stretch 1,000 miles to help those who are without any other help in this world. On our Franciscan missions, even a dollar stretches a long, long way. So please lend a helping hand and tender heart to Christ’s work today.