Franciscan Milk Fund for Mission Children

Did you know that every five seconds, a child dies from hunger? Three million children each year will not make it to their fifth birthday, because they didn’t get enough nourishment. Millions more will have their development stunted and suffer for life. The reality is heartbreaking.

It doesn’t have to be this way! God blessed our world with enough food to feed everyone, including the poorest around the world. But it’s up to people of faith – people just like you and me – to share His bounty where it is needed.

If St. Francis of Assisi were here, he would do whatever it takes to bring these little children the nutrition they need to thrive. And that’s exactly what the Franciscans are doing today, through our Milk Fund.

Many children in our missions are suffering with severe malnutrition and hunger. Lack of anything like a balanced diet makes many small boys and girls life long cripples. They are marked for life before they can walk or talk. The want of fresh milk, or even milk powder, remains a crying need of mission children and their mothers.

Never getting quite enough to eat, the continued insufficient nourishment causes stunted physical growth, serious mental retardation and leaves God’s little ones easy prey to every stray disease and infection.

With the help of our benefactors the Friars in our missions work to better the lives of these children, by providing milk, formula and food.

Help a child today to be stronger in body and mind, better able to resist germs and parasites, and to develop the way God intended all children to grow.

It’s so easy to make a difference! Just pennies a day can save a child’s life. Please support the Franciscan Milk Fund today. The more you offer, the more children our friars will be able to save. But whether you give $100, $50, $10 or $5, we will be very grateful. Remember, every child is a gift from God.

May God bless you for opening your heart to the little children.

“The generous will be blessed, for they share their food with the poor.” – Proverbs 22:9