Monthly Giving – A little goes a long way!

Become A Franciscan Mission Sponsor

Pope Francis calls on us to serve, “the poorest, the weakest, the least important.” God’s poor children are helped by generous Franciscan Mission Sponsors, who agree to do three things.

First, say a prayer each day for the Franciscan Missions. With this spiritual commitment our Mission Sponsors inspire our friars, helping them to be more dedicated to the poor they serve. A Mission Sponsor works quietly to spread the good news of Christ’s kingdom to every nation.

Second, Mission Sponsors offer up a small daily sacrifice for the Missions. For example one of our Sponsors attends noonday Mass each Monday for special intentions of the poor children in our missions. Another takes the bus once a week instead of driving, offering up the inconvenience while remembering many of our mission families walk miles to school or Church. Have no doubt that the Lord will show you how to make your own daily sacrifice if you become a Franciscan Mission Sponsor.

Lastly, Mission Sponsors send a small monthly donation to the Franciscan Mission Associates when they can. Their help permits our Friars to open clinics schools and community centers, to repair and rebuild churches, and to assist those who are without hope in our missions in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.

“Franciscan Missions are a great help to so many people in Central America… I am a monthly sponsor and will give as long as I can.” — A.D. Bronxville, NY

All Franciscan Mission Sponsors and their special intentions are remembered in the daily prayers and Masses of our friar missionaries. You will benefit from their good works as you make them possible. You are free to stop, skip or omit your monthly gift at any time it proves to be inconvenient. There is no obligation and you can stop whenever you wish.