Boletín informativo de FMA Focus

Una revista trimestral espiritual y de misión, FMA Focus se envía por correo sin cargo a cualquiera que solicite información. Promueve la vida espiritual de los destinatarios y ayuda a informarles sobre las actividades del trabajo misionero de los Hermanos y Hermanas en el mundo.

June 2021 – Vol. 54 No. 4

In this issue:

  • Virtue: Faithfulness
  • See God With The Eye Of Faith
  • A Life Of Service And Devotion To Our Lord
  • The Stigmata… Or Why Does God Wound His Friends?
  • Discipline Does Not Take The Summer Off!
  • Thanks For The Sermon, I Really Listened
  • Director’s Letter
  • Evangelizing From Sandals To Smartphone
  • News From Canada
  • Words Worth Noting
  • Our Readers Gladly Write…
  • Meditation For Our Times
  • Our Displays Of Faith
  • Grandparents Day – The Faithful Who Lead The Way
  • Special Novena Schedule Summer 2021

February 2021 – Vol. 54, No. 3

In this issue:

  • Virtue: Praise
  • You Are God’s Chosen People
  • The Our Father: Prayer For Our Time
  • Your Letter From St. Francis
  • A Station A Day: A Practical Lenten Plan
  • A Code Of Conduct From The Time Of Christ
  • Director’s Letter
  • Agape’s Solidarity Plan Brings Hope To The Needy
  • Historic Moments In Our Missions – A Grateful Friar Looks Back And Ahead
  • Words Worth Noting
  • Our Readers Gladly Write…
  • Action Speaks Louder Than Word (St. Anthony)
  • Living Together In Friendship – The Call From The Pope
  • Meditation On The Easter Candle
  • FMA Spiritual Exercises – Lent-Easter 2021

November 2020 – Vol 54, No. 2

In this issue:

  • Virtue: Hope
  • Responding To Christ’s Message
  • Such A Simple Thing For A Miracle – St. Anthony
  • Giving Of Ourselves In Times Of Sorrow
  • Meditation On The Candles At Christmas
  • St. Francis The Deacon
  • Director’s Letter
  • The Smile Of Valley Of The Angels Never Disappears – New Faces – Same Dedication To God
  • The Rescuing Of Lucy – God Always Provides
  • God’s Work Can’t Be Derailed By A Pandemic  – A Day In The Life Of A Missionary During Covid-19
  • Words Worth Noting
  • Our Readers Gladly Write…
  • The End Of The Beginning
  • Missionary Zeal, Our True Call
  • Customs, Traditions And Faith
  • Special Novena Schedule Advent-Christmas 2020

September 2020 – Vol 54, No. 1

In this issue:

  • Virtue: Wisdom
  • Understanding God’s Gifts… Even When They Come With Suffering
  • The Stigmata – God’s Strange Gift
  • The Beauty Of St. Francis’s Ode To Simplicity
  • Can I Ask God For That
  • Listening To God’s Voice In Prayer
  • Director’s Letter
  • Love Knows No “Time Out”
  • Labors Of Love During A Worldwide Crisis
  • Words Worth Noting
  • Our Readers Gladly Write…
  • St. Anthony Help Me Find The Way
  • Spiritual Communion – God’s Gift In A Time Of Crisis
  • Chaplet To St. Michael
  • Special Novena Schedule Fall 2020
  • The Power of Prayer

June 2020 – Vol. 53, No. 4

In this issue:

  • Virtue: Reconciliation
  • Penance And Reconciliation The Message Of Salvation
  • Padua And How St. Anthony Changed It
  • Untold Riches Hidden In Just One Book
  • Accepting Our State Of Life: Reconciliation
  • Educating The Young Is The Road To Peace
  • Director’s Letter
  • Agape: Love That Provides Hope
  • Learning How To Love
  • Words Worth Noting
  • Our Readers Gladly Write…
  • St. Francis – The Canticle Of The Sun
  • Accepting God’s Will For Another
  • The Beauty And Glory Of The Feast Of Corpus Christi
  • Special Novena Schedule Summer 2020