Boletín informativo de FMA Focus

Una revista trimestral espiritual y de misión, FMA Focus se envía por correo sin cargo a cualquiera que solicite información. Promueve la vida espiritual de los destinatarios y ayuda a informarles sobre las actividades del trabajo misionero de los Hermanos y Hermanas en el mundo.

June 2020 – Vol. 53, No. 4

In this issue:

  • Virtue: Reconciliation
  • Penance And Reconciliation The Message Of Salvation
  • Padua And How St. Anthony Changed It
  • Untold Riches Hidden In Just One Book
  • Accepting Our State Of Life: Reconciliation
  • Educating The Young Is The Road To Peace
  • Director’s Letter
  • Agape: Love That Provides Hope
  • Learning How To Love
  • Words Worth Noting
  • Our Readers Gladly Write…
  • St. Francis – The Canticle Of The Sun
  • Accepting God’s Will For Another
  • The Beauty And Glory Of The Feast Of Corpus Christi
  • Special Novena Schedule Summer 2020

February 2020 – Vol. 53, No. 3

In this issue:

  • Virtue: Inner Peace
  • Giving The Kiss Of Peace
  • Following Christ’s Way
  • St. Francis and Peace
  • Music Can Be Prayer Too
  • Solving The Problems of Distraction (St. Anthony)
  • Director’s Letter
  • For The Greater Glory of God
  • Agape Lends Assistance
  • Words Worth Noting
  • Our Readers Gladly Write…
  • Remembering It Is Reconciliation Not Just Confession
  • Refresher On The Triduum
  • New Saints For New Times

November 2019 – Vol. 53, No. 2

In this issue:

  • Virtue: Empathy
  • Francis’s Plea
  • Purgatory Article – St. Gertrude’s Prayer
  • Giving Thanks
  • St. Anthony And Leading By Example
  • St. Monica And The Act Of Never Giving Up
  • Director’s Letter
  • Valley Of The Angels Bids Goodbye To Its Own Personal Angel
  • Christmas Greetings And Love From Agape
  • Words Worth Noting
  • Our Readers Gladly Write…
  • Out Of Our Comfort Zones, To Become More Like Christ
  • The Supreme Importance Of Perseverance
  • Giving Of Yourself This Advent Season

September 2019 – Vol. 53, No. 1

In this issue:

  • Virtue: Patience
  • Death’s Positive Aspects
  • Our Missionary Task
  • St. Anthony Teaching Us Still
  • Fall In Love With Church History
  • The Problem With Evil
  • Director’s Letter
  • Call To Serve
  • Outreach To The Homeless For Franciscan Minsistries
  • Words Worth Noting
  • Our Readers Gladly Write….
  • Having A Happy Heart
  • Two Of God’s Saintly Servants
  • Celebrating Our Lady In September

June 2019 – Vol. 52, No. 4

In this issue:

  • Virtue: Hope
  • What We Believe
  • A True And Faithful Vacation
  • St. Anthony’s Serenity
  • The Presence Of God
  • Love’s Challenge
  • Director’s Letter
  • Become Like Little Children
  • The Bread Of Angels
  • Words Worth Noting
  • Our Readers Gladly Write…
  • Facing Up To Disappointment
  • Promote Civility
  • Celebrating John The Baptist And Humility