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Una revista trimestral espiritual y de misión, FMA Focus se envía por correo sin cargo a cualquiera que solicite información. Promueve la vida espiritual de los destinatarios y ayuda a informarles sobre las actividades del trabajo misionero de los Hermanos y Hermanas en el mundo.

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November 2023 – Vol. 57, No. 2

In this issue:

  • Virtue Healing
  • Oh Lord, help us welcome your gift of self
  • Spend Advent with St. Francis
  • Remember Your Great Dignity as A Christian
  • Embracing Faith Formation in the Digital Age
  • A Gift for The World; One Kind Word A Day
  • Director’s Letter
  • My Journey Towards Embracing a Religious Vocation
  • Valley Of the Angels: Transforming Lives For 30 Years
  • Words Worth Noting
  • Our Readers gladly write…
  • Never give up on the Lord: Seeking St. Jude’s Intercession
  • All Saints and All Souls. Truths of Faith
  • Advent – we wait, and we wonder
  • Special Novena Schedule Advent-Christmas 2023

September 2023 – Vol. 57, No. 1

In this issue:

  • Virtue: Love
  • Love for the elderly
  • How we hunger and thirst – but not for food!
  • Age is no barrier – St. John of Capistrano
  • Go and do – Christ’s loving command
  • Director’s Letter
  • Serving seniors for two decades in Olancho
  • Kindle for “kinder”
  • Words Worth Noting
  • Our Readers gladly write…
  • Have you been ignoring your angel?
  • Performing the works of mercy – each day!!
  • Alzheimer’s disease and St. Dymphna
  • Special Novena Schedule Fall 2023

June 2023 – Vol. 56, No. 4

In this issue:

  • Virtue: Understanding
  • Understanding is a Gift From God
  • Summertime – Warm Days to Focus On Prayer
  • A Special Kind of Prayer Apostolate, St. Francis
  • The Martyrs of Uganda – June 3
  • God Is Our Co-Pilot
  • Director’s Letter
  • A Rewarding Lifestyle Thanks to Agape
  • An Update From Rome – Busy Days and Nights
  • Words Worth Noting
  • Our Readers Gladly Write…
  • St. Anthony – Accepted Change When it Was God’s Will
  • Dedicate Yourself to The Heart Of Jesus
  • Pray For Seemingly Hopeless Causes – St. Jude
  • Special Novena Schedule Summer 2023

February 2023 – Vol. 56, No. 3

In this issue:

  • Virtue: Humility
  • Preparing for Lent with a spiritual renewal – healthy mind, body and soul
  • Mother Mary – The Nurturing Saint in the Kitchen
  • St. Cyril and Methodius –  Apostles to the Slavs
  • Accepting God’s Word from His priest
  • A Theologian Who Evangelized St. Anthony
  • Director’s  Letter
  • Visiting Valley of the Angels in Guatemala
  • Table Talk
  • Words Worth Noting
  • Our Readers gladly write…
  • Easter – Life after the empty tomb
  • A Gift of Self – The Greatest Gift
  • Pray for the victims of Cancer (St. Peregrine)
  • FMA Spiritual Exercises – Lent-Easter 2023

November 2022 – Vol. 56, No. 2

In this issue:

  • Virtue: Discernment
  • Spiritual support during Christmas season
  • The Christmas Crib In Your Heart
  • Vocations
  • Love For Mary – A Devotion For Adults
  • He Has Kept His Promise; We Should Too
  • Mother Cabrini: A Model Of Charity
  • Director’s  Letter
  • Honduras: Learning to Smile
  • Life Lessons And Opportunities At Valley Of The Angels
  • Words Worth Noting
  • Our Readers Gladly Write…
  • Feasts Of The Christmas Days
  • Listening – A Pure Path To Faith
  • Advent – A Time To Slow Down And Hear The Word Of God
  • Special Novena Schedule Advent-Christmas 2022