Your Rosary Booklet

Download your guide to praying the Rosary now.

The Rosary is one of the most powerful, most comforting prayer rituals of the Catholic faith — a never-failing lifeline. Whether you are “stumbling” on the holy Rosary for the first time, or you have been a friend of the Rosary for many years, Your Rosary Booklet will assist you in praying the Rosary.

With each meditation focusing on one major truth or event in salvation history, Your Rosary Booklet is intended as a refresher course in Christian doctrine.

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Take heart that if you use this booklet often, the mysteries of our faith will remain vividly in your heart and mind. Your desire to remain faithful will be strengthened, and doubts will vanish as does the darkness when daylight approaches. As St. Jane Frances de Chantal said, “The essence of prayer lies not in being always on your knees, but in confirming your will totally to God in all the events of life.”

And, the booklet is more than just a guide to praying the 20 Rosary mysteries — it also includes a message from the Virgin Mary for each mystery, suggested readings, and more.