The Secret of St. Jude

  • Are you feeling alone?

    No one knows why God gave St. Jude the mission of supporting those who have lost hope.

    But St. Jude is there, right now, to prove to you the light always overcomes darkness-even the darkness of despair. (It is not an accident that you are reading this right now.)

    From October 2nd to 10th and 11th to 19th, we will celebrate a Solemn Novena of Masses. You, especially, can bring light into your life with this Novena in honor of St. Jude.

    Send today for your free Novena prayer folder and medal of St. Jude. Wear it to give you hope and strength.

    Dear Father,

    Please include my petition in your Solemn Novena to St. Jude and send me, FREE, your prayer folder and blessed medal so that I may join you in prayer.

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