Saint of the Month

A long tradition identifies St. Michael, the Archangel, as the leader who remained faithful to God, and cast Lucifer into Hell at God’s command. His powerful aid has always been invoked by the Church in time of emergency.

The Popes have constantly called on St. Michael as the special protector of the church whenever great evils threatened God’s people. For this reason, St. Michael is especially honored at Rome, on Monte Gargano, near Foggia, in Italy, and in France on Mont-Saint- Michel in Normandy.

In times of unusual danger, when the malice of the devil seems triumphant, St. Michael will come to our aid.

St. Michael Today

With street crime so prevalent in our cities, with robberies and violence multiplying, St. Michael is venerated as special guardian of persons against bombing, muggings, rapes and assault.

The great archangel defends us against wickedness of sneak thieves, murderers, and fiends who roam like devils incarnate through our neighborhoods.

You are invited to join in the two Special Novenas of Masses and Prayers.