Saint of the Month

All who recognize Mary’s role in salvation history have every reason to honor the Mother whose daughter gave the world its Savior.

St. Anne (Mary’s mother) is patroness of all parents who have the important task of rearing the children to whom they have transmitted the gift of life.

Devotion to St. Anne began more than twelve centuries ago. In the mid-fourteenth century, Pope Urban VI approved the observance of a feast of St. Anne. It was first kept only in England, possibly because of King Richard II’s marriage to Anne of Bohemia (named after the Saint). The annual feast, now held on July 26, was extended to the whole Western church in 1584.

St. Anne belongs in the blessed company from whom Vatican II encouraged us all to seek “aid and help in obtaining from God through His Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord, our only Redeemer and Savior, the benefits we need.” (Vatican II, The Church, #50)

You are invited to join in the two Special Novenas of Masses and Prayers.