Saint of the Month

St. Peregrine is patron of all who are afflicted by cancer, foot ailments or any incurable disease.
He was a native of Forli in Italy and died in the year 1345 at the age of 85.  As a young man he led a worldly and dissolute life.

St. Peregrine changed his manner of living because of the good example of St. Philip Benizi.  He happened one day to strike St. Philip in anger, and was instantly converted when the saint turned the other cheek for him to hit.

St. Peregrine joined the religious society of the Servites of Mary, and was later cured instantaneously of advanced cancer of the foot.  He was canonized in 1726, and his feast is celebrated May 1.

May 2017 Novenas – Two Special Gifts


You are invited to join in the two Special Novenas of Masses and Prayers.