St. Dymphna

Daily Prayer

Almighty and loving Father, by the example of St. Dymphna, Virgin and martyr, and by her intercession protect all those afflicted by tension and emotional stress, to enjoy your protection in life, and eternal happiness in your presence now and forever. Through Christ, our Lord, I ask. Amen.

St. Dymphna was the Christian daughter of a 7th century pagan king. He murdered her when she refused to enter into an incestuous marriage with him. Patron of the nervous and emotionally ill, she is venerated each year on May 15. Read the full story of St. Dymphna here.

The St. Dymphna Devotion, sponsored by Franciscan Mission Associates, includes the following spiritual benefits:

  • One Mass is offered each week for all who take part in this devotion.
  • Twelve masses are offered each year at the principal shrine of St. Dymphna in Gheel, Belgium, the place of the Saint’s martyrdom.
  • Two Novena of Masses – one in petition and the other in thanksgiving – are said each year in conjunction with the feast of St. Dymphna on May 15.

Your petitions will be included also in our prayers and devotions as we invoke St. Dymphna for:

  • Help in the recovery of anyone who may be afflicted
  • Assistance in times of special emotional distress
  • Aid in recovering health of mind and peace of soul for all in need.

Two Special Novenas of Masses and Prayers in honor of St. Dymphna

For your intentions, and those of all who are dear to you, we have arranged two special Novenas of Masses:

  • A Novena of Masses in petition from the second to the tenth of the month; and
  • A Novena of Masses in thanksgiving from the 11th to the 19th of the month.

You are invited to send in your intentions, both petitions and thanksgivings, to be remembered in these two special Novenas.