A Prayer Book to the Saints

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Since the beginning of our Christian faith, devotions to the Saints have been an important way for us to further our love and commitment to God. To help you in your own devotions, Franciscan Mission Associates is proud to offer you a FREE booklet of some of our traditional Catholic Saints and their prayers, including:

  • Saint Anthony, the Patron Saint of lost items, the poor and travelers
  • Saint Dymphna, the Patron Saint of those suffering nervous and mental afflictions
  • Saint Jude, the Patron Saint of hopeless cases, and in things almost despaired of
  • Saint Peregrine, the Patron Saint of all who are afflicted with cancer, foot ailments, or any incurable disease
  • Saint Francis, the Patron Saint of animals, merchants and ecology
  • The Virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus
  • Saint Joseph, the Patron Saint of the Universal Church, unborn children, fathers, workers, travelers, immigrants and the dying
  • Saint Peter, the Patron Saint of popes, the papacy and fishermen
  • Saint Paul, the Patron Saint of writers, publishers and authors
  • Saint John, the Patron Saint of tailors, lambs, converts, farriers, baptism and monastic life

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Our Saints Prayer Book will assist you in daily prayer and enhance your devotional experience to our admired Saints. For example, if you are in need of protection, you can turn to the Virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus, in prayer:

We turn to you for protection, holy Mother of God.
Listen to our prayers and help us in our needs.
Save us from every danger, glorious and blessed Virgin.