Saint of the Month

Mexico became part of the Spanish empire in 1521, three decades after Columbus’ discovery of America. Only ten years later, Our Blessed Lady graced Mexico with a visit to Juan Diego, an Indian worker in Guadalupe, near Mexico City.

He reported his visit with the Lady to the Franciscan Archbishop, Juan de Zumarraga, who hardly believed him. So Our Lady decided to send roses to the archbishop as a good will sign. Juan Diego collected these December roses in his cloak, went back to the archbishop and out fell the roses at his feet.

On the side of the cloak where he had carried the roses, was a portrait of Our Lady, which convinced the archbishop. From that moment on, inspired by Our Lady of Guadalupe, the Mexicans converted to Christianity in very great numbers. The miraculous portrait of Our Lady is housed in the Basilica of Guadalupe, in Mexico City, a shrine revered the world over. Pope John Paul ll canonized Juan Diego in July 2002.

You are invited to join in the two Special Novenas of Masses and Prayers.